Experiencing Other Beings

Other-world beings come in all shapes, sizes, colors and consistencies.

They have been known to wrestle a large human and make him completely immobile.

They have also been known to gently float people through a wall, with the beings right behind them.

Some people think they are in our world, others think they are in our minds. Maybe they are in both.

Some people think the beings are from other worlds, some think they are from other dimensions.

Some people think they are our friends, others think they are our enemies. Some people don’t think of them at all.

Whatever They are, They are not us.

A New Discussion Board Has Formed: The OutPost forum

From Manuel Lamiroy
To all OMF members,
We regret to announce that as of today four of the five Co-Administrators and Co-Owners of the Open Minds Forum: Lee, Doc, Manuel and Chris, are leaving the forum and will no longer be active participants at OM. We consider it an honor to have served there, treasure the experiences we’ve had and the friendships we made. We have each enjoyed our time at OMF immensely and thank you all individually for your contributions. As sad as we are to leave our internet home we are taking the lessons we learned to another location where we will build something new. To this end, we are proud to announce the following: The OutPost Forum. The last stop on the Frontier of Understanding. On the pathway that leads from Exploration to Discovery and Disclosure, a place to meet and discuss events and mysteries, encounters and revelations. Taking our favorite topics to a new level of freedom, interest and exploration. New look, new approach, new rules. And lots of your old friends. Come join us at The OutPost–‘TOP’–Forum.” www.TheOutPostForum.com – “Exploring the Frontier of Understanding . . .” Thank you for taking the time to read this announcement and for your understanding. We wish you all the best in the future and hope to see you soon at our new home.
Best to all,

The Third Thursday of August

If you follow UFO reports in the United States over a year’s time, you may notice that there seems to be a pattern.  Certain areas of the country have more reports at specific times of the year.  For New York and the Northeast, that time of the year is the summer.

Why does this correlation occur?  Is it because the occupants of the UFOs like the beautiful green mountains?  Or is it because their wormhole opens at this time in this part of the world?  Or, maybe, they just don’t like the cold weather.

We don’t know if the occupants can see colors the way we do, or how they travel from here to there (wherever there may be), or even what temperatures they are most comfortable in.  Humans however, seem to go outdoors more frequently in the warm weather than in the cold and so they have more opportunities to view something in the sky during the summer months.  This is changing.  Technology is making it easier for humans to control their personal environments from temperature controlled cars to new fabrics for clothing.  There are even reusable heating packs that fit in your shoes and gloves making it even more comfortable to stand outdoors in freezing temperatures and look at the sky.

So why do we see UFOs more often in the summer over the Northeast?  We will probably not know the answer until the drivers land and tell us.  Twice in the early 1980s, I and the people I was with, watched lights on a solid triangle shape, slowly and silently sail over the Bronx.  Each sighting was a year apart and both were on the third Thursday of August.

Hmmmm, maybe they came to see a Yankees game.